Spinning Wire to
Fence Safely
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  Remove the "too hard" from fencing today.
Keeping your workplace safe, Barbwire Antidote® wire dispenser runs evenly with no line corruption.
The unique adjustable brake together with easy "no strain" spool/bob loading is your reason to use Barbwire Antidote® in all your fencing tasks, big or small. Revolutionise the way you run fence lines.
  No Tangles, No Overun,
No Waste
  In using a once only spool/bob loading technique, then moving the spool/bob with the work as you go, the Barbwire Antidote┬« makes stringing fence lines very efficient. No more tangles from overun of the spool/bob. Far less energy/muscle required - the longer the run the easier it gets!
Reduced risk of wire strike with minimised handling of any barbwire.
RRP is $300 - For all sales enquires please visit the contact us page or email: info@barbwireantidote.com