Barbwire Antidote Super Quick Picket
The new Super Quick Picket all heavy gauge 2.04 Kg/m.   Click to enlarge >>  
  Due to the design of the hole in the picket there is no need to tie the horizontal wires on, as one simply tensions the horizontal wire and using a tool twists a slight Z in the wire at the post inserting it into a slot and then, on into the C shaped hole at the rear where it will stay until the reverse action is performed.   picket image 1   picket image 2   picket image 2  
With a height of 165cm (5ft 6in), it has 9 holes punched in it, to accomodate 3 or 4 barbed wire fences.
900mm ringloch can be installed on it allowing for a top barb also, the post holes will line up with top bottom and 2 wires around the centre of this size roll.
Any number of plain wires up to 9, this plain wire can be inserted before it is tensioned as well making the job even quicker.
Electric fence insulators will be available to insert into these punched holes to make an electric fence in the future also.